Founded in 2015, Alpha Male Performance (AMP) is a rising innovator in the design, manufacture and marketing of automotive wide body kits, custom forged wheels, air suspension kits and remote controlled valvetronic exhaust systems.

Alpha Males are born to lead, they have certain unmistakable characteristics that make them natural leaders which always push them to the front of pack no matter what obstacles get in their way. It is this very ideal that gave us the inspiration to forge the essence of what was to be AMP’s core identity.

With our launch of the 2015 Mustang Alpha ONE Widebody kit we rose up with a powerful statement designing and engineering our one of a kind widebodykit for the iconic pony car series and achieving what few others could: We made an iconic car even more breathtaking!

AMP is at the forefront of automotive performance modification and since our inception, we haven’t ceased our momentum. At AMP we design our own custom forged monoblock, 2 piece and 3 piece wheel series, German handmade- full valvetronic exhaust systems complete with remote control functionality and air suspension Kits that come in different packages to suit all needs.

Clients are drawn to us for more than just our premium products, they seek us out because we use the same language they use. We seek to be a standard in the premium automotive aftermarket segment creating a brand that brings to life the very definition of what it is to be an Alpha Male. Our clients deserve quality, premium selection and a brand which resonates with these same qualities they in themselves aspire to reach, which include fearlessness, determination, passion, innovation and dedication to perfection.

AMP isn’t just a product it’s a state of mind and our clients understand that beautifully forged automotive components backed by impeccable service and innovations are more than just simple tangible aspects. They are reflections of what they wish to see represented in themselves. They are all the qualities needed in becoming an Alpha, they are that which make us Alpha Male Performance!