AMP Air Suspension Package

Alpha Male Performance’s most comprehensive package combining all the aspects of functionality, luxury and technological innovation to create an air suspension package that can be rivaled by few others.


Key Features AMP Air Suspension Package

  • Memory for engine start and automatically orient ride height on remote control.
  • Height available to be saved in 4 memories
  • Gold remote control monitor
  • Battery charge unnecessary – charged by USB
  • Power save device option
  • Remote control + solenoid valves allow you adjust height both in and from outside the car
  • Shock absorbers included to increase vehicle stability
  • Adjustable range from 0-120/200mm
  • Only 2.5 seconds to lower/raise ride height
  • Unique height adjustability feature paired alongside air pressure regulator
  • Easy bolt-on to O.E.M shock absorbers
  • 36 levels of adjustable dampening
  • Snubbers included for silent speedy air bag compression – only 3.5 minutes for 2 compressors to pump 20L tank 0-200psi
  • One year limited warranty on Shock absorbers, compressor, air bag

AMP Air Suspension Package

This kit includes a 5 Gallon Air Tank, AZ ON2 high speed compressor + 4 Snubbers, high pressure hose, 4 airbags, Shock absorbers (36 LEVELS of ADJUSTABLE DAMPENING), high-tech silencers plate base, 120-150 PSI pressure switch, 2 paddle valve switches, 2 receivers, an OLED wireless remote control (displays the air tank and 4 front/rear pressure values), one touch function, USB charge (no battery required), power save device sleeping mode), Super professional (4 wheel independent) remote, gold remote control monitor and a height sensor kit.