AMP 5C-3P Flat Lip

Sizing Availability

Diameter: 18-22 inches

Width: 8-13 inches

Offset: Any/Custom

AMP 5C 3 piece wheels

The AMP 5C seeks to innovate cues from classic rally inspired wheels to forge a 5 spoke design that combines the strength and purpose of performance with the styling of drop dead gorgeous showcase rims. 

The 5C makes no compromises serving as a testament to AMP’s goal to combine strength, integrity and elegant design, making it perfectly suited for either a day at the track or for dropping jaws at the next automotive event.

These 3 piece custom forged wheels are intricately engineered, light weight and can be configured in either a flat lip or step lip setup. 

Optional for AMP 5C 3 piece wheels

Optional options include chrome, brushed, brushed with clear, high luster polished, painted and milled, painted and machined, brushed with polished windows, color matched paint code, high luster polished with clear or transparent paint, 2-tone finishes, outer lip pinstripe, colored hardware/bolts and backpad pocketing for weight reduction.