Sizing Availability

Diameter: 18-22 inches

Width: 8-13 inches

Offset: Any/Custom

The LP1 displays the beauty and harmony that can be found within chaos. The LP1’s radical face design artistically draws elements from both straight and jagged edge spokes in a single frame, creating a wheel that is as intricately ornate as a spider’s web. 

The combination of propeller shaped blades and clean straight spokes create the illusion of a wheel that is running motion even when sitting still. In essence this is a wheel that will not only turn heads but turn hearts as well. 

The AMP LP1 doesn’t just seek to lead the pack, it seeks to redefine the very idea of what can be achieved when the concept of limitations is removed entirely from the equation.

These 2 piece custom forged wheels are intricately engineered, light weight and can be configured in either a flat lip or step lip setup.

Optional options include chrome, brushed, brushed with clear, high luster polished, painted and milled, painted and machined, brushed with polished windows, color matched paint code, high luster polished with clear or transparent paint, 2-tone finishes, outer lip pinstripe, colored hardware/bolts and backpad pocketing for weight reduction.